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Old clay pipes are prone to damage and leaks, which can wreak havoc in your home causing thousands in property damage. Call Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services and ask about our drain replacement services to protect your home before disaster strikes!

The GTA is equipped with underground clay pipes. The older these pipes are, the more prone they become to damage, cracks, and leaks. Whether you have clay pipes or a drain system that’s falling into disrepair, the sooner you get professional drain service, the better!

Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services is a leading choice for drain replacement and service throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Backed by decades of experience and industry-leading warranties, we’re the team you count on whenever you need professional drain replacement for your Toronto home!

To schedule drain replacement service in the GTA, call or contact Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services online now. We offer 24/7 emergency drain services, and we never charge extra for night or weekend service!

Warning Signs That You Need Drain Replacement in Your Toronto Home

Most of the time, drain replacement isn’t planned for—it’s usually the solution to a plumbing emergency! And, by the time drain issues are identified, they need to be fixed ASAP. Fortunately, we offer 24/7 emergency service with no overtime charges.

If you’re dealing with serious drain problems, simply call or schedule service online now!

If you’re not facing a drain emergency, make sure you know the warning signs of serious drain problems so you can contact Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services for help—and before these red flags trigger major problems. Below are the five most common warning signs of potentially serious drain problems.

Slow Drains

The proper disposal of drain water is imperative to a healthy plumbing system. It can also be essential to your health. If your pipes are slow, it’s because they are clogged, collapsed, broken, or poorly maintained. In other words, it’s time for professional service, and it may be time to replace your drains.


A clogged drain pipe is no friend of yours. If you are noticing drain backups or strange smells in your house, you’re either dealing with a collapsed pipe, cracked pipes, or tree root intrusion into your pipes. You’re not going to want to let clogged pipes sit because that can lead to a leak or a subsequent flood. Replace your drains now before the problem becomes dire and more costly.

Following drain and pipe replacement, the best way to prevent clogs is by getting regular drain cleaning service. This will keep your pipes clear and working smoothly.


If your pipes are starting to leak due to a crack or break, some serious problems await you ranging from flooding to molding. Water damage is one of those problems that can get out of hand. So, if your drain is leaking, you’re going to want to repair it or replace it as soon as possible.


If your house is at least 25 years old, its pipes are reaching the end of their lifespan. It’s best to replace your pipes and drains before they fail completely. Be proactive so you can protect your pipes, yourself, and your home. We want to help you and your pipes, so be sure to enlist our help before things get out of hand and you have massive drainage problems to deal with.

If it’s too late to prevent the problem and you are in a bind, you can also opt for our emergency services. There is no drain issue too big or small for us to take on.

Tree Root Intrusion

If you’re noticing that tree roots have gotten into your drainpipe, it’s time to get your drain replaced. These underground roots cause major damage as they break pipes, so take action to stop the damage from snowballing by contacting Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services ASAP!

Call or contact Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services online if you notice any warning signs of serious drain problems!

Expert Drain Replacement Company in Toronto

Having a drain issue? You need a professional who can provide service and solutions to fix the problem. We are proud to be one of the most trusted local drain companies in Toronto. With more than 6 years’ experience, we have the expertise and resources to diagnose and solve all of your drainage problems.

The master plumbers at Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services use the latest innovations, techniques, and tools to repair and replace drains. One of the most common methods we use for collapsed drain pipe repair is trenchless pipe bursting. This allows for minimal excavation and cleanup, as the process is done by digging a small entrance so that we can tunnel in the new pipe and remove your old one.

Additionally, we offer backwater valve installation to prevent any water from back flowing and re-entering your home.

Drain replacement can be a dirty job, but we aim to leave the site spotless when we are done working. During the project, we will protect your space by using drop sheets, and we’ll thoroughly clean up when the job’s done. Drain replacement is a big job, and our squad is always up to the challenge.

Whether you need sewer drain replacement, pipe replacement, or any type of drain replacement for your Toronto home, Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services can help!

Call or contact us online now for fast, reliable service!

Get Your Drains Replaced Today

Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services firmly believes that drainage issues should not break the bank, which is why we strive to provide cost-effective solutions to drainage problems. When you contact us for drain replacement, you can always expect:

Reasonable quotes for any of our drain services.

Dependable, innovative solutions that will get your drains back in peak condition.

Friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable professionals who show up on time, ready to solve your drain problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sump pumps prevent drainage problems, floods, and the devastating water damage that can ensue. To highlight just how important they are, we’ve shared some helpful answers to commonly asked questions about sump pumps. For more solutions or sump pump service, simply call Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services.

A sump pump manages the collection of water in a particular space, usually in basements. The pump removes the water that is collected in a sump basin. That makes them a great preventative measure against moisture, flooding, water damage, mould, and mildew.

Sump pumps actively pump water into a basin where it is collected and redirected from your home to a dry well, a storm drain, or somewhere else it can’t damage your home. Pumps are electrically powered, and some may have backup batteries, so they continue to operate if the power goes out.


You may have heard that the City of Toronto offers subsidies of up to $3,400 to help homeowners purchase a sump pump and get it installed by a professional. The City provides this rebate because it wants your home to be protected against severe weather. Consequently, the rebate covers not only a sump pump but also a backup battery and pipe severance of the old storm line (in other words, they cover the cost of an alarm).


Whether you need to replace the drains and pipes in your Toronto-area home or business, Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services is just a call or click away! Call us at 416-571-8499 today!

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